No capital outlay or set up cost

We provide all of the equipment to create a professional gym

All maintenance, repairs and insurance covered

State-of-the-art services

Development more attractive to the buyer

No management required, Resigym takes care of it all

Diluted cost (as little as £5 per week, per apartment)

Improved residential value of property

Enhanced lifestyle
Everyone benefits with Resigym

Our ethos centres on ensuring our clients get the most out of the fitness areas we develop. Be it the customised selection of top quality equipment, the provision of holistic complementary therapies or our complimentary facility management service.


A bespoke fitness facility enhances the exclusivity of the development and adds extra value to the development, making this a valuable sales and marketing tool.

Having a respected specialist company undertaking the scoping, implementation & ongoing management of the facility provides a level of assurance to the process.

With Resigym’s service model, there are no set up costs or capital outlay required for the gymnasium equipment installed in your facility.


Your residents are provided with superior health & fitness services as standard.

Our service model of a fixed yearly fee with no additional running & maintenance costs mean expensive call out charges are a thing of the past.

An in-house fitness facility of Resigym quality provides managers with a superior resale tool which adds real value to the ongoing marketing of the development.


A resident-only gym fully equipped to the high standards of a commercial health club, with integrated support as standard.

Guaranteed provision of the latest in fitness equipment technology making for a enjoyable workout environment.

A great resale tool for selling on your apartment.


A bespoke facility selected, installed and managed by specialists.

Inductions and staff training to ensure all staff make the most of the equipment.

Full needs and wants analysis to ensure all equipment selected satisfies all employees.